My name is Karlina and I have been breeding birds off
and on for the last 10 years.  It all started with a pair
of American Singer Canaries and has progressed into a
passion for the African Lovebird.  I have been breeding
and raising Lovebirds for the last 3 years.
My husband Ron and I live in Spotsylvania Virginia.  
Our aviary is in our home, which is situated on 5
beautiful wooded acres, with apple and cherry trees
living along a creek running through the bottom of our
All of my baby Lovebirds are handfed, and raised in our
living room with our 7 dogs, and our 3 bird "family
members" - a Cherry Headed Conure named Kelly, a
Quaker Parrot named Elliott, and a rescue Goffin
Cockatoo named Lilly.

I am a member of the African Lovebird Society

All of my babies are close banded with ALBS bands
unless otherwise noted